What can I do to fight human trafficking?

What can I do to fight human trafficking?

I have been having lots of conversations of late with people who have gone to see the movie Sound of Freedom. It is a movie telling the true story of an org that engages in combating child sex trafficking. There is much more to the full picture of human trafficking but I am grateful that people are being moved and are asking the questions...what next, what can I do?

The truth is there are many ways you can potentially engage, but what is most important is that you take some practical steps! I am going to continue to write a series of blogs about each one of these:

Learn More: get educated on what it looks like, what to do, and ways you might join the fight

Share: Multiply freedom by sharing in your sphere

Shop: stop shopping with brands that have bad labor practice and start shopping freedom goods

Give: All organizations combatting trafficking need funding

Engage: volunteer within the movement

Ok, so before you move on...add this number to your phone and then go to our LEARN page to start your journey!

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