The journey began with God and a group of women in the UK who prayed and learned together about human trafficking for several years. This season culminated in a trip to Southeast Asia where we learned about the need for employment as part of the solution for sustainable freedom.

This began the journey of starting a business that helps to employ survivors making accessories in 2011. There have been many lessons learned and many incredible people along the way who have made it possible. I am honored to know some of the most amazing women who have overcome incredible challenges and continue to believe, create, and love. I have also discovered God's heart in profound ways.

I have also had the blessing of working alongside many others on the freedom road and have loved serving the freedom business movement as a board member of the Freedom Business Alliance. It has been such an encouragement to learn from others who are walking this path as well as many others who have offered their time, support, and expertise. 

We currently produce Freedom Veils as well as carry gifts from other freedom businesses around the world. Welcome to the Freedom Family!